Remapping Black Germany (University of Massachusetts Press)

Check out this upcoming volume on Afro German history, politics, and culture edited by Sara Lennox.

My chapter "Introduction to Martha Stark: 'My Thirteen Years under the Nazi Terror'" uncovers the experiences of the hitherto unknown Black female Holocaust survivor Martha Stark. Born in Nuernberg in 1914, Stark grew up in a white German family without contact to her African American father. Despite numerous alarming encounters with local Nazis, she ultimately survived the Third Reich, at times through luck and in other instances with the help of her family's upper-class network. In 1949, The Pittsburgh Courier published her experiences under Hitler in nine installments. Her story not only adds nuance to our understanding of Black experiences during the Third Reich,  I argue, but it also sheds light on this woman's emerging Diasporic consciousness as she moves from isolation in fascist Germany to connecting with African American GIs and their families in the postwar years.